Exclusive/ First on Daily Herold: “Round the world in 66 hours – in the cockpit of the Cargo Kings”

Hi all,

I promised to come up with some exciting content on this site. First I want to publish a documentary I produced for First German Television.  What you see below is exclusivly and first the English version of this film. The German version was broadcasted over 100 times on different German networks (last time two weeks ago on SWR) and had already over 500.000 views on you tube. I will also publish the German version in its entire within the next days.

I hope you will enjoy the film. Thanks  again to my cameraman Wolfgang Raith and editor Joerg Schoemmel who really did a great job! With Wolfgang I stayed in Lahore (Pakistan) for five amazing days and did not sleep for 3 days in a row 🙂 The editing with Joerg was during a hot summer in Germany and we were sitting in front of the machines in the dark for two weeks with almost no sleep 🙂

Expect more exciting staff to come!



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7 responses to “Exclusive/ First on Daily Herold: “Round the world in 66 hours – in the cockpit of the Cargo Kings”

  1. L.

    Hi Sven, kenn ich den Sprecher “Mr. Low Pitch” irgendwoher? 🙂
    Ansonsten auch in der englischen Fassung ein prima Film!
    Gruss, L.

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  3. mark

    interesting movie, thanks for uploading… i enjoyed watching it

  4. Rick

    Where do I get to see this film?

    • It is still sometimes shown on German TV channels, which are members of the ARD network. But I can not really tell you, when and where the next broadcast is scheduled for.

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