3D Gesture Recognition – next big thing for TV

When I was walking through New York this Sunday, I found a really amazing installation just across from the Wall Street (Wall Street and Macy’s). The so called  “Trial By Fire” is a large-scale interactive billboard experience that has pedestrians interacting with the display as if they were part of a movie. For the installation at Wall Street it is the upcoming movie, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.  The system works with 3D gesture recognition. The company, which developed this technology is called Softkinetic and is specialized on gesture-based content and applications. (http://www.softkinetic.net/)

I strongly believe, that this technology will be the next big thing in Television besides the content- and distributionwise changes which I was just writing about (http://ow.ly/17JPgc)

With this new technology it seems absolutly realistically, that we do not need physical remote controls in the future to control our televisions and other audio visual devices. A finger tip might be enough to scroll through the content and to decide about programs and settings. This new technology is of course still in a very early development status, but when I was testing the system in New York I was pretty impressed how acurate and easy it works.

Seeing the actual speed new technological ideas and inventions reach the real markets, it will not last too long until we see the first TV manufactors offering gesture recognition in their products. It would not be the first technology, which found its way from the gaming market into the TV market.

Sony announces Playstation upgrade with gesture recognition
Sony just announced that the company plans to launch the upgraded version of PlayStation 3. The latest version ‘PlayStation Move’ will allow the users to play videogames by swings, jabs and other natural movements instead of toggle and button commands.
PlayStation Move will hit the Japan market on Thursday, Jul 29, but the worldwide release is not decided. Sony reveals the new plan as part of the competition between gaming rival Microsoft. Microsoft in their new gaming console used a 3D camera and gesture recognition software to let people play videogames using natural body movements instead of hand held controllers.

Watch the videos I did in New York:



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3 responses to “3D Gesture Recognition – next big thing for TV

  1. Hi Sven,

    My team represents Softkinetic for PR in the US – we love the videos you took of the installation – would it be possible to get copies of those, and include them on the Softkinetic website?

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