SAP Co CEOs in an exclusive CNBC interview July 30

In my function as TV head for SAP, me and my team were very busy around the companies earnings announcement on Tuesday. As part of our different activities we also had a CNBC team in our Walldorf headquarters. See some behind the scenes of the TV production.

Patricia Szarvas from the Frankfurt CNBC office conducted an exclusive interview with our Co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe. Contentwise it is about leadership and the overall strategy of SAP.

During this exclusive, Bill and Jim unveil their thoughts and ideas about leadership styles and SAP’s strategy. The interview will be airing several times on CNBC globally during Friday, July 30 and Sunday, August 1. First broadcast is on Capital Connection, a show with three different anchors in Singapore, Barhain and London. The exclusive will also be shown on “Europe this week” Friday afternoon CET.

Some impressions from the shooting (Tuesday, July 27, Walldorf)

Update, July 30, 9pm CEST:

CNBC just published a first teaser of the interview on its internet platform


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