Crazy Korea: I-Phone app with video messages for lonely singles

Some months ago I was writing about a new hobby of Japanese men, using their iPhones and Nintendo DS consoles to to build virtual relationships with women. Now a new service opened in South Korea, where an inventor offers men virtual love on the iPhone. “Honey it’s me!” is warming lonely hearts with the voice and video messages of “Mina,” a 20-something virtual woman …

For $1.99, Mina will make video-calls four times a day, showering subscribers with a message of bliss from 100 available. With recorded messages such as “good night, sweet dreams,” developer Nabix said it would help subscribers feel someone cares for them and is consistently thinking of them. The app can be downloaded in the itunes store.

Since its first appearance on November, 30 this application has been downloaded 80 thousand times every day. Only a few applications on the market that help men do not feel lonely. One is the night application where the phone will let out soft female voice. ‘Honey, its me!’ has become the first feature that enables video calls.The message that expressed by Mina for example, “Are you asleep?”, “Time for breakfast!” Or “Good night, sweet dreams.” The application allows more than 100 audio commentary which is expected to reduce feelings of loneliness in men.

The leader of the South Korean company Nabix, Kim Yoon-Kak said that they plan to develop a new version with multiple languages including English, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, the application will be made in the version of Android.


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