SAP TV 2.0, The Future of Video is Now!

We just re-launched the corporate video platform of SAP. When we planned this exciting new offering two months ago, we had one thing in mind — to create a simpler, clearer platform that provides the same friendly usability of favorite video sharing sites. And, for the first time, all content will be readily available for quick viewing on tablets and smartphones.

When we launched the platform almost four years ago, it was state of the art. A lot of our competitors followed suit and created similar solutions for their audio visual communication needs. Now, after four years, it is time to move to the top of the pack, once again.

The site now includes the latest mobile and social media capabilities. With the click of a button, it’s now easier to share videos on Twitter, Facebook and other consumer friendly sites, the player supports numerous languages for a broader global reach and uses the latest technology.

But one thing hasn’t changed: good storytelling remains the number one goal. The site will continue to tell great video stories as well as provide room for written news and information. We will now connect the top video stories to SAP’s products and offerings with articles and blogs that give context and insight. The user can find all additional content in the new spotlight section. It features the three main stories, by clicking on one of them, more articles become available. In this new area we will also include selective articles from the Making Of SAPTV Blog. Also new is the category “SAP on TV”, in which selective stories and interviews about SAP from TV networks around the world can be featured.

Our stockfootage and press photo platform will remain the main source for journalists. It will have its re-launch in Q2.

Main new features of
– New video player
– Story and spotlight area for editorial content
– Support of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones
– Complete social media integration
– 28 subtitle languages, 14 audio languages, 8 interface languages for the video player (to be fully rolled out by Q2)

The site is still in BETA mode, so the team still needs to iron out the wrinkles. The blackberry interface will be implemented by next week.

I hope you like the new and I look forward to your feedback and comments.

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